Welcome to Photo Iconic

Where your photography is our passion

Photography tuition with the focus on you

Photography is fun, or at least it should be, but sometimes when you’re learning, it feels anything but –  it’s a struggle and more like hard, frustrating work. So our mission is to simplify your photography, demystify those over-complicated menus and make everything about the creative image.

We offer clear tuition and practical demonstrations, simplifying all the complicated bits. With a focus on creativity and better images, we’ll also improve your camera craft and light control, giving you confidence as your photography comes alive. 

We’ll help you to see images better but sometimes that’s the easy bit, so we’ll help you to turn what you’ve visualised into pictures you can be proud of as you make better images.

Most importantly, at Photo Iconic our tuition is all about you. Our tutors won’t leave you to struggle while they take pictures themselves.

As we help you to improve, you’ll develop your own style too. Together we’ll do it with a smile and a passion for sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

We offer short courses, workshops, photo tours, individual tuition and mentoring in:
  • composition & creating impact
  • camera craft
  • light, exposure & creativity
  • pre-visualising an image
  • story-telling in pictures
  • photography & mindfulness
  • movement in & with the camera
  • painting with light
  • picture editing
  • putting together a portfolio
  • landscapes & nature
  • people
  • travel
  • wildlife
  • abstracts & details